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All our volunteer support personnel that you will come in contact with during your sessions have received a high standard of training as this is an important aspect of the service we provide.Training undertaken by volunteers include:

  • 90 hours’ Bereavement Support Training
  • Psychological First Aid – Critical Incident Support Skills Training 
  • ASIST (Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training)
  • Therapeutic Work with Children and Adolescents Skills Training 
  • Group Support Facilitation Skills Training 
  • Addiction and Loss 
  • Basic CBT Skills Training 
  • Solution Focussed Brief Therapy 


Some areas need continuous training in order to keep skills updated.



Bereavement Support

When you contact Turas Le Cheile on 086 0566819 the contact person will take some basic details from you. Some background information relating to the loss in your life, your first name and a contact number. The contact person will then arrange for you to meet a support person in one of the four venues where we operate from (Naas, Clane, Kilcock or Leixlip). The time will be one that suits you and the venue that is easiest for you to attend.

When you come for your first meeting, the support person will introduce themselves and assure you of confidentiality (within accepted limits and this will be discussed with you at the first meeting). The support person will invite you to tell your story in your own words and in your own time. You disclose what’s comfortable for you in this session. At the end of this hour session you and the support person will decide if further sessions are required. We usually review this every two to three sessions to see how this is working for you and to make sure that you are getting what you need to help you in your grieving. The length of time you attend the service is tailored to your own individual needs. Grief comes in waves and at certain milestones in life, some people may need to return to the service for some support and this is ok and we will be more than happy to facilitate you.

“I was 14 when I experienced the darkest days/weeks/months of my life. I had lost a very important family member, my sister. She was like a second mother to me. I was very out of place in the world. Acting up, lashing out at family, friends and teachers. I finally realised I needed some help, a person I could talk to who I felt safe with. I chose Turas Le Cheile. When I went in I was feeling low, down, almost depressed you could say. After my first session, I felt like the weight of the world on my shoulders had lifted and I’d seen some light. Within the sessions I was made feel comfortable and could stop at anytime and didn’t have to speak and was allowed to just listen. It was hard at the beginning, yes peeling back those layers of emotion. But Turas Le Cheile made it easier with their experienced support personnel who always knew how I felt. Its confidential and I was made feel safe. They offer you a service of privacy, patience, comfort and helped me find solutions. After a few sessions, it became clear, the change, I was so much brighter, happier and full of life. I still check in with my support person and have developed a great relationship with them. Safe to say I gained a new friend since I visited Turas Le Cheile. I learned that it’s okay to not be okay, sounds cliched I know, but it really is once you know how to deal with these feelings and emotions it all becomes easier and Turas Le Cheile teach you and invite you to experience this and how to overcome your battles. And at the end of the day I know they are only a call away when I feel down. I’m 19 now and feel better than ever, yes I have my bad days but I always go back to what I learned in Turas Le Cheile and will never forget it. Thank you for guiding me back on the right path and I hope someday I can give my experience back to someone.”

Teenager (name withheld to protect identity)

Critical Incident Response

This service is provided to communities / schools / workplaces who have experienced a tragic sudden incident. After calling Turas Le Cheile 0860566819, details would be taken about the incident that has happened in your community / school / workplace. After establishing the nature of the incident and the number of people affected we will arrange to come to your area, school or workplace and provide a specific support intervention that caters for your identified needs. Turas Le Cheile often works alongside HSE, NEPS and other services in responding to critical incidents, for example, in schools.

“Turas Le Cheile have provided a very professional service in the Kildare area over the last 10 years when families and communities have experienced tragic losses. They have and are there to provide critical incident stress management and bereavement support as well as offering practical guidance and advice to all those affected by loss in their communities. Turas Le Cheile are a valued member of the HSE Community Response in Kildare and work together with the statutory and other voluntary groups to ensure that we maintain safer communities.”

David Walsh, HSE, Chief Officer, CHO 7

“The sense of loss following the tragic loss of students and the accompanying grief weighed heavily on the school community. We as teachers, at times found it difficult to find the appropriate things to say to the students as we were grieving also. As we travelled this journey from October to May Turas le Cheile supported us every step of the way. They spent time with students, parents and staff. Their expertise based on best international practice was a source of strength to us. At all times their presence was coloured with compassion. The debriefing sessions they conducted with the staff were very valuable. When we needed guidance, and training they once again came forward. I hope they understand the esteem this school holds them all in.”

Joe, Principal of Post Primary School.

Crisis Interventions

All Turas Le Cheile support personnel are trained in ASIST (Applied Suicide Intervention Skills) and provide a once off intervention session with people who are having thoughts of suicide. As part of the session a referral pathway to the most appropriate support will be agreed.

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