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Being a teenager nowadays is pretty much a challenge on its own. Juggling between family life, school, studies, extra curriculum activities and friends can be an everyday struggle. So why add another stress in your life if you are grieving the loss of a loved one on your own, and not coping well without them?

Turas Le Cheile is a free service, that will provide you with support and guidance through those difficult times.

  • To listen to your anger and pain.
  • To comfort you.
  • To help you understand how to manage the loss of a loved one to the best of your ability.
  • To help you move forward to the future in a happier and brighter mind set.

Our service is not here to judge you – we are here for you.


Signs you may need extra help.

People manage through grief in different ways. We are all unique with different needs.Some of us may find comfort by joining a club, a gym, try to put their mind and energy into a project or studies. Some will continue with their everyday life without changing anything. And that’s okay, there is no right or wrong way to deal with loss.

However, sometimes coping with the loss of someone is just too much to bear. Especially when you have to face other challenges, like preparing for exams, difficulties in connecting with your family and friends. The future may seem dark, and impossible to see any positive outcome. And our behaviours and actions can change:

  • Sleeping can be disturbed.
  • Appetite can increase or decrease.
  • Avoiding friends, family and social events.
  • Stop getting involved in activities you used to do and enjoyed.
  • Losing your cool, being angry more often, getting into troubles.
  • Thinking constantly of the person you lost, and losing focus and interest on everything else.

All those signs can be some indicators that you might need extra help and support.And the best way to start recovering is to talk to an adult you trust. With their support, you might be able to open up and see more clearly. But If you feel that professional help may be more effective to help you with your journey, Turas LeCheile will be here for you.

I first encountered the group Tuaras le Cheile when they came to our school after we had experienced the tragic death of one of our students. I was a teacher in the school closely involved with the class group and peers of the student. I was overwhelmed and struggling to manage over that crisis time and Turas were there, on hand to provide much needed support. Personally, I benefited by a one on one session and found a huge relief in the safe, supportive and encouraging space provided. I was struck by their professionalism, kindness and empathy as they moved among staff and students. We went on to experience two further tragic losses of students in a short space of time and Turas were there, lending consistent strength and support to our community. I can’t speak highly enough or find adequate words to express the depth of my appreciation for all they did, their commitment and professionalism, as they supported us in facing and managing our grief and loss.

Louise. Teacher.

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