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50th Anniversary Celebration of the NIV Commissioning Continues with “Made to Share” Quarterly ThemeIn celebration of the 50th anniversary of the commissioning of the world’s most read modern-English Bible, the New International Version (NIV), Biblica and Zondervan have partnered on a year-long commemorative campaign featuring quarterly themes to recognize the powerful impact the NIV has made on the Christian church. The third theme of the year is Made to Share. <class=”update-article-read-more”>View this post ➤

The Modern English Version on Bible GatewayBible Gateway has added the Modern English Version (MEV) translation of the Bible to our library of more than 200 Bible versions. <class=”update-article-read-more”>View this post ➤

Freedom is What We’re Made For: A Surprising Look at God’s LawSee this guest blogpost by Dr. John Dickson. <class=”update-article-read-more”>View this post ➤

A Word About FaithIn order to get out of Scripture all that is there for us, we have to read it both as an ordinary text, and an extraordinary one. This is not a contradiction… <class=”update-article-read-more”>View this post ➤

The Emotionally Healthy Leader: An Interview with Peter ScazzeroHave you ever felt stuck, powerless to change your environment? Do you feel too overwhelmed to enjoy life, unable to sort out the demands on your time? Are you doing your best work as a leader, yet you think you’re not making an impact?<class=”update-article-read-more”>View this post ➤


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All our volunteer support personnel that you will come in contact with during your sessions have received a high standard of training as this is an important aspect of the service we provide.

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